"Think It Out" by @madelinet_xo

Its been pointed out to me that I have a serious problem with my tongue. See, the way I like to think things out is by speaking. So I speak what comes to my mind, a raw, brash and blunt opinion. Then I back track and change my sentence, using more fact or logic. This actually makes me sound quite all over the place, possibly hypocritical, but its honestly just my way of sorting my thoughts. Its my way of figuring out the flaws in my original opinion and allows to create a solution or good response when conversing. 


For some reason, when I speak fast and brash, I come of as negative and cynical but that is not intentional. Its my way of saying something so that I can critically think about what Im saying, unfortunately I do this out loud. I need to hear myself to correct myself. Example, the only time I ever really catch mistakes on this blog is when I finally decide to read them out loud. 


For that exact reason, sounding so brash and negative, I would much rather write out my thoughts and opinions. They come out more pleasant, more careful and more moving when the words aren't rolling off my tongue like shrapnel. Writing enables me to slow down, to get through my own messy stream of consciousness. It helps me sort fact from opinion, show me what I need to work on and how to speak more calmly. The more I write, the less I rant/outburst in effort to get my point across. 


Like tea, writing has the effect of calming my high tension, anxiety ridden and excited nervous system.


xx Maddy