"The Importance of Fear" by @madelinet_xo

(I watched a very eye opening ted talk today. Here’s the link to it.)




    I came to the realization of what my own fears do to me. I like to analyze anything about myself that may further explain who I am. This often includes birth-charts/astrological interest. However I also analyze my own body language, dreams…and after watching this ted talk; my fears and how they affect me. As mentioned in this ted talk our fears are our minds way of telling a story. Think about it, when you're about to do something and become afraid, the first thing you do is think and picture what can go wrong and describe why you shouldn't do what you're afraid of. This may be the fear of doing something new, going somewhere or talking to someone. Your mind plays out all the negative possibilities and why you should not pursue such actions. However, once you learn to realize that this fear is your imagination or input from past experiences ( or stories from others); you can use that to your advantage. Recognizing what you fear and why you fear it my help you push yourself out of your comfort bubble and do something daring, or something meaningful that you've been putting off. Whether you've been putting off starting a project for fear or failure or mockery, or putting off talking to someone new for the fear of rejection or awkwardness; identifying that these are the most negative outcomes is important. The situation does not have to go the way you fear. In fact, use your fear to determine how to best approach a situation. This ted talk closely relates to the laws of attraction in my opinion. What you put out there is what you get. You send out love and good energy, that will return to you. You think negatively about yourself, you will feel negatively about yourself. You think going up to someone to talk to them is gonna make you turn into a stuttering mess, that may just happen. 



    This relation between fear and the laws of attraction have just become very important to me. Once you realize that you're fears are the worst possible outcome of any situation, use that to become liberated. Use that to develop a plan for the best outcome. One of the most important things to me is taking negative aspects and using them as motivation. So you don't want to lose money with your start up company? Then don't count on it, encourage yourself and always have a backup plan for your backup plan, don't accept failure. You're afraid to walk down a path because you don't know whats on it? What if what the unknown that you're fearing is filled with everything you've ever wanted to see and leads you to be places you've always wanted to be. 

            Don't let your fears paralyze any type of progress. 


xx Maddy