3 am

I'm hungry 

I'm tired 

I wish i had someone to lay with

Why are you awake at that time? Stressed? Insomnia? Craming for a test? We all have these 3 am thoughts even if they arent at 3 am. Our mind is constantly spinning with thoughts and ideas and opinions of everything we come in contact with. It is actually pretty fascinating if you think about it.

What if there really are little people inside of your whole body doing all of these jobs for you? Just like that episode of spondgebob with all little spondgebobs in his head, or like the movie Osmosis Jones. Wouldnt it be cool to have a look inside of all of those things happening at once?

Another big topic, well for me, is the future. Little versions of me running around in circles or chillen with YP's kids just making music and changing the world like we are at this moment?

All you truley have in life is yourself and your family. Family isnt always blood either. What do you think family is? My definition of family is someone who is loyal, someone who is always willing to back you up no matter what, that shoulder you can cry on at night, the one where you know each others darkest secrets but can still make jokes and fuck around, sticking by your side through the good and the bad, pushing you towards success, and picking you up when you are down, loving someone unconditionally, not counting favors.

My list can go on and on but i wanna know what you guys think? Whats your definition of family and what thoughts do you think at "3 am" ? As the famous kevin hart once said, my bullshit is your bullshit and your bullshit is my bullshit. 

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