"My story." by Bailey Cornwell

When I first began thinking about my next piece I was looking at a picture of myself and noticed bags under my eyes and I though back at all the times I was up in the middle night awoken by fear or sadness and I came up with why the bags under my eyes are so beautiful and have meaning.

The bags under your eyes are beautiful

They can really tell a story

They speak loudly about who you are

Untouched by makeup or dazzled w/ your finest powder

Regardless they remain there, tattoos, and as pretty as any art you will ever see.

The bags under your eyes are friendly

Countless nights w/ friends, crying.

Laughter that suddenly keeps you up past 3am

Moments that you hope will last forever

The bags under your eyes are kind

Loved ones in need of kind words or sweet simple smile

Calls in the dead of night waiting to be picked up by someone who cares.

Your ability to talk someone off the ledge of "I hate myself" and "unforgiven"

The bags under your eyes are love

Times spent lying awake thinking of him/her

Sweet forehead kisses that mean more to you than you thought

Countless arguments which leads to war

The bags under your eyes resemble galaxies of fear

Fear you felt when you thought you had monsters under your bed but the only things hidden are the skeletons in your closet.

Fear of feeling more than others, a complex mind that no one understands

Failing and falling so far you don't know how to pick yourself up.

The bags under your eyes speak volumes

Louder than any playlist you will create

Embrace them, for they are the story of all things beautiful.


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