To want to live.


I think its been awhile since I actually sat and thought about what I wanted to say you guys but being in California has made me think deeper. There's only so much time we have on this big blue planet amongst the unknown, aka Earth. I had been saying stuff that like in my "whats your sixty" speeches. However, I have delved much into it all. I can't imagine  wanting to miss a single day. Everyday is a new opportunity and great way to find out more about yourself. Something that we may not think of is that as we grow, so do those around us. It's hard I know but it's true. I've grown now to realize that family is truly forever. Somehow and someway and depending on what family means to you, its pretty relevant always. Imagine your best friend right, and then think about you having your first kid and them being there and when you get married and all the big life events. Most of us are late teens or early twenties but think about how much LIFE you have to live. Amazing because the people you want to be there, will. I've grown to realize that out here everything has a place, people are content wherever they're at. Seeded deeply within that body of people are people who want more, the go getters. But something modern entrepreneurismsndon't teach is that as you chase that dream, you outrun your loved ones. Opportunity costs most often involve time, you have to pick and its at shitty times. BUT the ultimate last piece of push is that you're doing this for them. Its what I've been telling myself, I cant let them down. Them should be whoever keeps you not only going, but who are the reasons you are able to participate in this great life race. Understand there are levels to all of this and people race different tracks everyday. But as you make it to the races that count you're gonna want the same people who saw you at your first, so take care of what you must while not forgetting to want to live. And my suggestion is to do it with those who never gave up on you. Life's most expensive item is a lifetime friend and we all know that true friends are family. So to conclude we learned that all things may not have a place in your schedule, but you should put them off too long. Everything comes back around so make sure the life you've been given, gives life back to those who need it. 




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