"I don't care"...


who made caring look so bad in the first place. Was it all those hopeless romantic movies. Was it the fact that in Celeste and Jesse Forever there wasn't a forever? How about the end of spiderman. Sometimes I wonder if these movies reveal a truth about why people don't show they care, the fear of loss? Was it the appeal of those stone cold men and women who don't need anyone? 

It seems so much easier these days to conceal your feelings and such a stress to actually express them. I find it interesting how relieving it is to speak how you truly feel. However before the relief, for me, comes fear. Fear of hurting, angering or bothering others while expressing myself or seeming to different. I've always been different and weird and though emotional, I often held back. I thought venting and talking about my problems too much would make me seem sad and annyoing so I just dealt with stuff. 

I think being cared for and caring for someone genuinely, no matter the relationship, is a very warm and important feeling. It brings a certain security and trust to the relationship and it makes it that much stronger. There are endless ways to show someone you care and simply asking questions about ones feelings and opinions towards something makes a solid difference. Reading someone's facial expressions and acting on that not their words also shows depth to how much you care about someone. Sometimes your words contradict your body language but your body language is always right. Don't be afraid to care about someone because even if they don't want it, deep down they will appreciate it. 

Madeline Tesolin