"Energy." by @FBNYP

I think it's crazy that I haven't been on here and posted in a while but wow. It has been a long time. Although time can't be replaced it really shouldn't. The only thing you have any power over is what you are doing and not going to do. The things in my life have made up for an incredible portion of what I stand for and one of those is encouragement and understanding because some of our greatest leaders have yet to be appreciated. It's weird looking back on HS now since its so long ago. I do think I would have and should have done some things differently. I think I didn't because its was exhausting but it didnt matter. I had no energy anymore. Which brings me to what I need you to understand. You are never worth nothing and that should never be forgotten. Society does not dictate your happiness, All i ask is you not hurt anyone intentionally. Sometimes people enjoy getting burned, I however have lost patience for. I look back on old friends and the people they've forgiven and I asked myself are we who we are or who we forgive? Life is a crazy demonstration you will never understand until you realize your energy is you guideline. It doesn't lie and it need to be understood more. Stop letting people block you and your goals we are not lazy, you deserve better for YOU. In all, the law of attraction is a good way to visualize. Everything is connected. 




PS thank you for saving my life. FreeBirdNation.  

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