Its been awhile

I apologize sincerely, I havent completed any large writing projects lately and I stopped posting my half finished ones. I keep trying to work towards something big and I, keep getting stuck. However tonight I have something to say. 

Enough about me lets talk about other things. Let me tell you about the importance and relevance of being selfish and, on the other hand, the importance and relevance or caring for your surroundings (i.e people, environment, workplace). 

Be selfish. To a point where you are doing good things for yourself and not letting anyone get to you in a negative way. Be selfish, jump at opportunities given to you as if you'll never come across anything like it again. Be selfish, submerge yourself in the people, culture and surroundings that you LOVE. Be selfish, but with rightful intentions. Be selfish enough to know when you are satisfied.

Care for your surroundings. Care for them as you wish to see your children grow. Care in the sense that, you get involved, for the right reasons. Care enough that you don't loose yourself while being selfless. Care enough, that even if something may not affect you personally, you care enough to make a positive difference for something or someone else. Care enough to know when to stop caring. Care enough to understand when its time to do something for yourself. Finally care enough to know when you are content with the outcome of your efforts. 


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xx Maddy

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