I hope you do it on purpose, I hope you know your words of discouragement keep me determined to finish this. Every time you put this idea down, it makes me support myself. I support me, I support this dream. In reality, I am all I’ve got. I encourage myself, the letters that fill this once blank page release the pressure from my own chest. I get what you mean, I accept your opinion but really this is my thing, this is me. Low-key you inspire me, I hope you know I won’t drop this and if I do I won't expect you to catch me. Ive never been so determined, this is more than a hobby. I used to quit, walk away and try something new but this, this sticks. Writing works for me, it’s not a sport but it’s an art, it takes practice, commitment, revision, experience, point of view…it takes a heart. Ive got a voice too but not everyone can hear me.  This is what I want. I want to write, you want me to write something else. I don't know what you've got in mind but this is my perspective. This is my story, this is my life, this is my page, these are my words. I am a FreeBird, trademarked yes, but for me its deeper than the legit part of it. I write for many reasons, for me to express, for us to accept and for you to judge. Feedback is good, at least you read it. If you've got anything to say about it, at least it shows you were interested.