Its a waste, if you spend all four of your high school years trying to impress people, you're doing it wrong. Being the “funny” one with the sexist, racist, homophobic and rude jokes…trust me, people will hate it after awhile, find something thats funny and not hurtful to say. The “messenger” common, stop wasting your time spreading other peoples information and learn to be loyal, oh and focus on yourself. The people pleaser… just don’t go into high school trying to please everyone, that won't do you anygood. My advice, stop conforming. Be comfortable with your own opinion, stand up for what you like and don't be afraid to be an individual. If you're just trying to be friends with that one group of popular people you're doing it wrong. Four years down the road you wont have any real friends and all you'll have is repetitive conversations about how sick that party was and what she's wearing and who he's screwing. Focus on you, develop a personality that makes people want to approach you. Go out there and get what you want, be ambitious. Who cares what they're gonna say cause I promise you they will want to be where you are. 


Madeline TesolinComment