"What if..." by Bailey Cornwel

What if I told you the boy you liked/loved in high school that broke your heart won't be of any affect to you when you graduate?

What if I told you the girl that called you that awful name doesn't define who you truly are?

What if I told you the teacher who said you wouldn't amount to anything would be eating his words by the time you are 23?

What if I told you that you are you for a reason and you are meant to be the best YOU, you can be?

Would you believe me?

Peoples actions and words do not define who we are. They do not control our destiny and what we want to amount to. Their words and lack of love do not hold the keys to open the doors to our future. You & only YOU can control your words and thought and where you choose to place yourself in this world. Your words of encouragement, and strong minded though will get you farther than you think. Words hold a mighty power. How will you choose to speak of yourself? Or of others? You speak your crazy, beautiful, catastrophic world into existence and live life knowing that the opinion of others isn't able to consume you.


-Bailey Cornwell



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