Our site is filled with talented creatives who's aspirations grow with their grind and the voices of everyday people. We are filled with mixed experiences and backgrounds but we believe in positivity and progress, for all. It's important to fulfill a role so many of us knows needs to be filled, and our entertainment often reflects our wishes. Regular news and media agencies and conglomerates, may fill your television with fabrications but FBN is dedicated to bringing real life people, outward. Project their voices and be heard through their creative and artistic expression or ideas spread with others. FBN is effective in spreading a message, which is: We are young and will slowly but surely change the world.


This is our publishing vessel in which our members work and selected pieces are added as well as central place to discover whats going on and find new things.

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Varietful & VYB

Varietful Magazine and VYB podcast are two new ways to experience the sub culture developing. An artisitic and educated expression of good energy and positive thoughts. Each are separate departments but share the same V logo.



Our free to use streaming service features members and other upcoming artists. 

Running directly off our website, SFF is available on all devices automatically. No need to download a separate app!


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