When I Feel Nothing... [AUDIO]

 “Imagine screaming at someone you say you loved after you lied to them, again and again.



Imagine being lied to and getting screamed at.

Again and again.


Hope my son and daughter never have to feel that.


Hope home doesn’t become a place where scars are made at. 


Emotional or Physical. Or both.


Maybe you never swung, but my lungs locked up and my voice went ghost.


Feel the same way I did in love as I did on medicine.


Something my parents told me should have told me to never let you in. But here we are standing up now tryna fall back in.


Love doesn’t know any boundaries. And neither does hate. Said a sign 30 miles outside of Heaven. Only shared it because well I can relate.


For anyone who’s second guessing. Rephrase the question. Hope you found your answer. Amidst the problem is the last and final question.


And that is does it and will it matter in the end, or is it really the end. How long can time stall or fate stop. There were times you made my heart race but as of lately everything’s been making my heart drop.


And after all of what I’ve been through, I finally felt like I wanted to just stop. And that was the biggest lie I ever told myself.


I just pray I never lie again.”




YP of FBN 🕊 

“No one sees how far my heart is stretching to grow”

- YP -


Andrew KrigsmanComment