a literary collection 1/tba



Truth is, life is a long long road

We die young and no one knows

We smile to hide pain

And take it with us when we grow old

I wanna grow up

I wanna grow old

I wanna be myself

Without getting told

Who Im supposed to be

Is myself

And that is it

Its crazy how we live

We live to die

But die to live

And there is this

That in which bugs you

Rap music

Taught me more

Than any tax payment did do

But will you

Find that broken spot

Where you hurt a lot

And find a better spot

For all that love you got


I saw it already

Them telling lies

Like the Yeti

But we need food to live

So I’m thankful for veggies

Wish they taught us respect on the telly

Wish my parent would cut all the yelling

Whats the reason really

i thought they love each other

So if we got love for one another

Why be the reason the other person suffers

Complex thoughts not the magazine

Rolling Stone life style

Thats the me I wanna be

Cus truth is who I spend time being in my mind

Is who I ought to be

Or become

Yeah I ran

Once but I won’t run

I’m here


I think I know whats happening here

Its fear

And its gon steal your time

So learn from what you’ve felt

And be wary of the signs

They wasted the love you had

And taxed you back for it

Double time

You working shifts

Just to forget

The life you live

And theres this

Why are you always alone?

No place to be or go

You want somebody to hold

But not to meet somebody to be that new somebody

Or be this somebody for that somebody

Self love is the best

I can never get enough

But sometimes I’m my own enemy

And that kills myself

And who is there to talk to

When therapists are the feds

And the feds are just a business

And the government thinks it knows whats best for me

But my future is my decision

And if I had to sit down to do it

Or stand up to get it

Then point proven that

I lived

And in the grave

I wont be able to do any of this

And then theres this

Diamonds on my body

Aren’t a substitution for my families tears

The time spent in blood and sacrifice of years

Is what made us suffer then


Is what will get us out of here