"Love as Love is" by Madeline Tesolin

Endless – Love as Love is



The capacity to love is endless

It is bitterness and fear that slows such force

Or attempts to convince others

to stray far from it

Misconceptions that

make love look like what it isn’t

Bad experiences, of perceived love

Is not love


A risk that comes from your heart

One that rewards entirety

tenfold, folding forever, multiplying

look at love like Fibonacci


Love should not be misinterpreted

As a lesson to learn from

A thing to recover from

Something to fix

Draining and consuming

Never something that was almost anything

But perfect

Attempts at love and loving

Are failed because love is trying

You shouldn’t have to try

Love doesn’t try love

People try love


Love, oh love

Is more than a mere distraction

It takes away from the pain

And contributes to well being

Purely, virtuously and wholesomely


Love cannot be fabricated

Imitated or replicated

Love is not found

For love finds and seeks

It seeks two

Like a game of match up

Or flip card, concentration

Call it what you want

But it is not up to you

For love doesn’t care what card you are

But will match you regardless of the deck

Or suit


Such a beautiful feeling,

for real love doesn’t hurt

It tingles, in waves of your breath

As you tell stories of your loved one

That some do not comprehend


It is felt all the time

Constantly, endless

In speech, silence and sleep


Love is knowing not only

How someone feels before

they express how they feel

But helping them express it

Helping them cope with

anything that isn’t love

As it is, understanding that other forces

can influence someone

hurt them, damage them, change them


It is hot and hard

But cooling and smooth

All at once

It is unstoppable always,

Exempt from other forces






It is synchronizing individuality

It is simply more than anything else

Ever felt


Heartfelt, honest and true

Vulnerable with no consequence

Equal with admiration

Genuine, joyous and passionate


A feeling of two

Conquering everything available

As the world provides endless opportunity

Experiencing it and feeling like one


When putting yourself out there

When addressing what you want

And what you need

Becomes having someone to be with

Having all you want and need

As well as being what somebody needs and wants



When there are no expectations

Because nothing is less

Than the most you could have dreamed of

This unstoppable force

Is always one that binds

Two together

That shows 1’s how to be 2’s

That proves why love will always win


To love someone and be in love with someone

Is a complete feeling, not one nor the other

Love with no misinterpretation is these two things

To see a person and to love them for

Who they are

Who they’ve been

What they love

How they act

Consciously and subconsciously

Is just loving them

Beautiful but still incomplete

Although indescribable, can try to be explained

The second part

Which completes this love

And compliments loving someone is

Being in love with them

Is loving the bond between two souls

And who you are together

And how you impact each other

In love with the feeling

They bring you to feel about yourself

And your relationship

And the other


Love is shared

Between two

For two

For each individual

And shared for the world

To teach love

Since each true love

Makes the force

More and more unstoppable

Visible, but untouchable


Love sees no barriers

Time will be slowed or increased

Naturally, not as perceived when needed

Nor paced according to fear

Distance is overcome

Emotionally and psychologically

Crossing each element graciously

Love is ability to see all, and experience it

loss, change, beauty, progress

Together, in confidence