D'Andre Hill - Smokers Truth

Sometimes I wish I was smoke. Sometimes I wish I could just float away, be carried by the wind in any direction. Smoke never struggles, smoke adapts.  Smoke is rarely stagnent, always changing-shifting-expanding. I wish I could be smoke, so subtle that people would just breath me in...i've never known that kind of acceptance-that kind of freedom. All i've known is fire, all i've felt is flames....but I see now, after the fire goes out, it's the smoke that still lingers. Smoke, elegant...beautiful...deadly
Smoke knows no boundry, or limitation. One day, when i've grown, when i've learned to free myself, when the fight is over and the flames are no longer needed...that's when i'll be smoke. When that day comes, I Will Be Free...
...Till then the smoke will be my guide, to help me float above the flames...and to remind me that the fight is temporary. There is peace, beyond the flames, beyond the pain, beyond the fucking war...somewhere out there....But for now the smoke is my only peace, and for now, the smoke is enough.