Andrew Krigsman - Passion

Passion isn’t a word we really hear anymore but it does raise the question as to why. For years, we are told what we should do and it’s followed by the things “life” deems us having to do. I never understood why being happy wasn’t a priority to us anymore. I used to watch the news, our New York station. I remember hearing a lot of bad news and then the weather, and at the young age I had always wondered when things would get better. I remember school years and how we were always taught to be the change we wish to see, but all of us were acting like because we had been hurt it would make sense to hurt others. I was always more of a quiet kid, except at school thats where I was me. But what came at a cost was my parents not liking rather them falling in love with the idea of me. Unfortunately that relationship turned into something else but it taught me a little more about what why meant. Why is what you ask when you've been kicked to the bottom, ran over and told you deserve to be there right before they say “ I love you” but I still couldnt explain the feeling I’d had in my gut. So some time passing and that feeling continued and never once left. Passion. It’s something that keeps you going and the first thing that remind you why. As you discover whatever your passion is the more life makes sense. The happiness in life comes down to that simple word passion and who or what you have it for determines just how happy you are going to be. Passion helps you understand the things about yourself you didn't know you needed to know. Life has a crazy way of helping you find what it is, the rest is up to you.