To Live On Purpose

The world in shambles

Cold hearted?

Eat some Cambell's

Chicken noodle soup


Wanted the coupe

Things I would have to sacrifice

Opportunities Id gain and loose

Balancing my patience and the people who called me Satan


Patiently waiting just to get stronger

Breathe in hold breathes in longer

Had an unending hunger

New found desire

Please take me higher


Burning my flame

Playing this game

Lost on an island 


Trina go the extra mile and it's

All for nothing to loose it it to someone

Down the line fronting

Fuck it


I know it its tough and it has always been

But when was the time you really gave in?

Then why now

I lost a lot I know it won't help

But the fact that I too

Maybe can help


Given we're different 

We feel the same pain

Different hand different face

Same death we face 

One day


But today, let's live


Andrew KrigsmanComment