if not me then who? by yp

If not me then who

interchanging leaders

play peek a boo

legislative woes

propaganda terrors

old war time love letters

seem to break your heart

scared of the dark

baby i stay up past 3

on the daily

please don't be 


hard on yourself

i want to help


where should we start

old memories had haunted me

will they haunt you too

have to change the cycle

hated the way it felt

things better left unsaid

messages on read

i don't know what to say

still have a lot to say




one day i hope you'll find

the peace you're searching after

fill the room with laughter

after the chatter

the worst part of it all 

is that you had to do it

live through it that is

but thats that, this is this

just breathe 

take it in


born to become not just to be

live your life

and do so, free




in memory of Xavier Lee


Andrew KrigsmanComment