Waste of Time by YP

There will be days

When it feels like its all, just a waste of time

How come you never feel mine

Are we somehow lying?

If we spent time

But knew we wasted it

Weekends we stayed wasted


Had to take a seat


Your heard of karma

High powers

You follow the Dahlia Llama but got so much drama

RT peace quotes but start wars, what a joke


Took my smile now I slipping far away

Need anther way

Lost and can't go back

I needed the time we spent

No receipt on lost time


Can't get back to where we were after all this hurt

It's funny

You behave a certain way, they make it about money

You love life they take it from you

Energy vampires literally suck the happiness from you



Been here, don't ever wanna go back

Bite my tongue Ive trained myself on how to react

But i can feel the poison in the form of disappointment

and it is bad for my soul, my younger me said never

My adolescence wasn't as clever

Need my sanity 

The woman in the mirror

Make up in the garbage

I see beauty in the vanity

But she can't see me

She doesn't deserve me

She thought Id be around forever

And that hurt me


Maybe it hurts you

Have you been hurt too?


- YP -