AETMPATB - Written by Esther

An encouragement to my pears and those beyond. 


Take a look at where you were a year ago and appreciate all of the changes. As humans we grow, we develop, and we build on from yesterday. 

I do not encourage that you regret yesterday. That does not give you a ticket back into the past nor does it grant you a chance to change it all. So appreciate it, don't let that hold you, don't let that push you to look down on yourself; not even for a second! 

We have the past to learn from, to built on, and to plan on. I am here to encourage you to push on for tomorrow. I want to encourage you to create, to build, to finally look yourself in the mirror and start building that self love. 

I encourage you to pat yourself on the back and say well done! Honey look at what you have survived! This goes to say you are a capable individual no matter how much you might think other wise. 

Word of advice; know that tomorrow is worth it. Know that you are worth it. No matter how cliché this all sound, it is the truth