Madeline Tesolin - "All Yours, Yours Truly."


She shares everything she loves, she's far too open and far too straight up. But, in a respectable manner. She's often right, she's got a bright, sharp mind and is usually  two steps ahead of a lot of people. She also admits when she's wrong, but will be defensive when criticized. She loves to surround herself with the right type of people: people of influence, purity and appreciation. She's proud of who she is now but awkward about her past. She loves people but is often hurt by those who cannot comprehend her, those who take advantage of her generosity. Perfectly comfortable alone, but far too social to not want to be with someone.


After all, whats the point of being filled with so much love and joy if you aren't going to share it? She is more than one person, very colourful and so many sides. Truly she is at her best when she's with someone who enjoys her leadership, gives her brain candy, supports her passions and who makes her laugh. She's loves authentic, genuine and well mannered people, she feels more hopeful about the future of the world when she finds someone. She makes decisions too fast, trusting her instincts…every time just hoping she wont be screwed over again. Her instincts have improved. Driven by passion and emotion, logical strategies and goals.


Negative experiences scar her but never hold her down. But she doesn't dwell on it, she will openly talk about it, but she moves on.  She can’t help it, she loves love. She's not good at forgiving intentionally hurtful people but she sure is good at picking herself up and putting herself back out there, trial and error, disappointment and faith, Lessons being learned.


Making someone laugh, a cute smile pulling on the corners of lips, when theres so much to say but they cannot express themselves, she's there. She would rather solve problems than be up, she's wants to hear and know everything in your head, but granted, she will respect your space. just an interest in intellect. Make her feel loved and never betray her trust, and she will be everything you truly need and what you ask for.


xx Maddy