Esther Ukwigize- "If you feel like it doesn't apply to you"

When you believe or feel like something doesn't apply to you, you will most likely avoid going out of your way to understand that specific something.

If you feel untitled to privilege due to your skin Color, you will never go out of your way to understand the issue behind police brutality and racial injustice in general. When you see a post on your Facebook timeline, you are most likely to keep scrolling or leave a hate/ignorant comment.

If you feel like poverty is far from you just because you have a job and a place to go to at the end of the day, you will not notice the amount of homeless people on one block in midtown Manhattan or in major cities.

If you feel like AIDS and HIV don't apply to you, you will complain about how many times we get educated on safe sex. There is always something new to learn by the way.

If you feel like the gay community has nothing to do with you, you will feel funny when a transgender is using the same bathroom as you. You will stare when you see a cross dress person or a same sex couple enter the train. You will leave funny comments about sexuality that aren't even funny.

If you feel like your friend's interests don't apply to you, your friendship won't last.

If you feel like most things don't apply to you, you will never learn or understand anything new.