Esther Ukwigize - What Is It Like?

What is it like?

What is it like to finally tell your closest friend that you are in love with someone who is the same sex as you? How do you come out to them? They are the closest thing you have to a family. They stick out their neck for you time after time and constantly go out of their way to make sure you are sane whenever life shoots at you. So how do you come out to them?

Do I sit them down and straight up tell them "I like this girl. She is really pretty and makes me feel all good on the inside. Like Yo I never had any experience with girls or feel funny around them. But this girl makes me want to jump and run after her. When I am sad I think about you because you are my best friend and then I think about her"

Is it that easy?

Okay maybe I'll just hint to them that I may be interested in girls by asking questions on same sex love. Should I conducted it like

"Hey what do you think about same sex marriage?”

"Um I'm cool with it because love is love you know"

"Me too girl, we shouldn't be ashamed of how we feel about someone weather they are a boy or a girl, short or tall, or even rich or poor. I actually feel a type of way about this girl"

"Really who! What is her name and do I know her?"

"Yeah you know her! It's blue! I was thinking about her and we talk in a very casual way but I'm lead on to feel more strongly about her. Like, I like her"

"Whaaaaaaa since when? Look at you blushing! I'm really glad you told me! So like does she know you feel this way about her? And does she like other girls?"

“Um yeah it's been a while. I'm glad I got to tell you because I was so worried about how to go about it. Um she actually told me she liked girls and have been in relationships with multiple girls. I haven't straight up told her ' hey these are my feelings' I'm still trying to get to know her and I am comfortable where I am so I'm not pushing for anything more."

"Oooo okay girl. Well I'm glad for you. You know I am always glad whenever things are sweet with you, look at your face!"

Is she that open?

Should I just not tell her because I am afraid? Wait doesn't that mean that I don't truest her with my feelings and stuff? How am I going to go around acting like I don't feel a type of way? If she is my friend why can't I let her know?

I honestly think she hints that something is up. Like she knows me. She has proven that many times and I am dying to tell her. I don't believe that this will change our relationship, right?

Man I think she already knows and is just waiting for me to say something. What if she doesn't! And is surprised by this. Will she still be my friend?

The voice inside my head: "she did not become friends with you base on your sexuality. Stop over thinking and just be honest with yourself and to her"

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