Brianna Abalos - Broken

I'm putting so much effort into a relationship that is clearly broken. I can't fix this alone, and I will not be around much longer. I have continued to work on this relationship because I am moving across the country, and figured you'd want a relationship with each other. You have showed me that you don't care. You feed off hurting others. You love to put people down. If your in a bad mood everyone around you suffers for it. I have put myself through too much, and I can honestly say I'm giving up. All my unhealed scars are from you, and I can't erase any of them. They're stuck with me forever. Like a continuous nightmare that won't go away. I've dug myself into a blackhole that I can't get out of;especially if you are in the picture. I must close the door and lock this part of my life away, and when it's necessary I can open it again. But until then this is goodbye to a broken relationship that has been gone for years.