"How Long Has It Been?" by Esther Ukwigize (P.2016)

"Hey, wake up"


"I have to ask you something" 

"What is it, I'm so sleepy can we talk later"

"But I am really curious...."

"Mm mm"

"When did you start growing?"

"When I came out of my mothers womb, maybe a few months after that."

"No no, when did you start growing like that?"

Kail was pointing at lacy's cheat. Her small breast were perky and visible through the white shirt she was laying in. 

"This, this happened on its own Kai. I woke up one day and they were there; small and pointy." 

She thought about this. Kai hadn't seen her since the last time they were standing at the airport saying goodbye. That was five years ago. Kai and his parents had decided as a family that they were moving  away to Europe in hopes of Kai's father continuing his study of bio chemistry. He had big plans of returning back to America  with his masters and starting his research on brain activities. He wanted to "cure" whatever we humans didn't want but couldn't control. He had hopes in finding all of the answer from a book. 


Kai and his family had now returned. Lacy was excited because she had never forgotten about the friendship between them. As she looked at her body she could count the years that had passed by. She looked at his body sitting across from her. He looked the same, his physical body hadn't changed for the most part. But his face, his face was of a man trying to escape a boy's body. His soul screamed out from his eyes. His eyes were so deep, deep and dry. His face was just screaming! Lacy stared at him. She was fully awake now. She could see now. The room was still. Neither one of them moved. 




"Are you there"


"Did I answer your question...."


".....I have a question"


" how have you been? I've been so selfish and haven't asked, how was Europe"

" its okay, I missed you and I understand that you just wanted to go back to the way things were. I want things to go back to the way they were too. But I don't remember neither of us." 

"What do you mean"

Kai looks outside of the window 

"I know you, I know where I am, and I know that we are the closest friends ever since childhood. But lacy...... I don't remember us"

"Kai what do you mean?"

"Everything is vivid but I don't know... Look at you, look at me! So much has happened I am no longer the same person. I am fighting to stay still. I am fighting to stay alive; to let Kai stay alive. I am trying to be brave but I don't understand"

"What happened in Europe Kai?"

"It wasn't Europe. I just think that I am depressed. I am so depressed that I developed a character. My brain is trying to register this character in lacy! I am fighting to stay here.... To stay alive"


Tears start to run down kai cheeks. The room looked dark. Something was hovering over in the air. 

Lacy tried to think of something to say,

She was so scared and the pressure in the room felt so strong. With each word that Kai let out into the air, the further he seemed to go. 

"Kai,......... Kai........"

Lacy looked at him reaching slow for his hand, she felt this weight weighing her down. She grabbed onto him and covered his face with her own body. She berried  him into herself in hopes of bearing whatever it was that was inside of him. 


Back and forth she rocked him, back and forth. There was no telling of time. Time could not heal him, time could not give her the answers she needed to help him. 

The two just rocked back and forth; world to world , eyes open to experience all of this pain. No longer were they in lacy room, no longer were they apart, and no longer was the man in Kai's face there. He had left with the thick air that filled the room. He had left with the sadness, he had left with Kai. 


Lacy was alone with a body in here hands. She held on tight as if this was her anchor keeping her soul from vanishing as well. She rocked on and held on fighting the thoughts in her head. These thoughts would make all of this real.    


"This is not real, we aren't here, we are still a we. Not I "



Stay in touch with those that you love and care about. It is that easy for them to vanish just like this minute did.


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