African Skies - Esther Ukwigize

He felt so thin!

So light like a feather floating in the air

With no destination and no care!

He felt pure and welcomed to do whatever he wanted

He felt liable to share with people what he thought they needed to know or upgrade their lives.

He felt light like the trash bags I've seen in the African skies after lunch time.

At the market they flew slowly and slowly lifting themselves into the skies with no permission! With no care!

He has no fucking care!

His light!

His flying high not realizing what he left behind!

He has no care!

Hurting me because he doesn't care!


He feels thin... he feels calm... he feels beautiful... he feels his destiny coming closer and closer.

He feels he has the power to set it all in place.

He is thin

He is light

Flying away into the African skies.

Andrew KrigsmanComment