10 Things You Should Know Before Today Ends

Here are some things I wanted to blurt out. haha sounds like an app. Anyway, These are things that took me time to learn but may help speed the process for you. Not to be taken word for word but use to provoke and build new questions and new arguments for you to growth with and from.


  1. Time is as real as you make it. You can spend a long while doing nothing and a few weeks changing coarse developing in a new habit. Invest time in yourself.
  2. The world doesn't end when you die. The world will continue to spin should we pass away, but with that being said, until then we have power to DO ANYTHING. So why not better ourselves?
  3. People don't disappear. This one should hit as close to home as it can, considering that your old memories are currently breathing and functioning. There has to be a different way to accept that and find new light. Healthier relationships are a good outcome of this.
  4. Hope an only get you inspired, passion is what will get the job done. Let's face it, the NBA is not all primetime, ESPN. It consists of hours of traveling, practicing and press, then the games. Point is, don't give up when the gym lights go out. Keep doing what you were doing but better, more smart and effective.
  5. Your anxiety is caused by lack of information. I say this with a little echo because one could say too much gives me anxiety and thats correct in some cases,  but the vital information I believe is missing is how much you have control over fixing. Victim or Survivor mentalities and separations.
  6. Love can heal a lot but only it it is pure. Fake love dries up some where so genuine should be what you look for. If you can't find it, be it. That should become second nature to take the high road because more blessings will come. Focus on growth that is healthy. 
  7. Making yourself your priority isn't selfish, its selfless. Given your relation to time, given we have so much, we can't put everyone before ourselves mentally. They should not exceed what you know is true. It will pass, you need top get there. I believe you will and while your plan unfolds, grow mentally to think for yourself.
  8. Life is a map, if on a wrong road make a U-turn. You can certainly stop that path at any moment and go a different way. You are your final excuse. Do not keep yourself from bettering the people around you and, you. Deposit rather than withdrawal self worth.
  9. You matter if you give yourself the chance to. Do not get swindled into being average or a statastic of unhappiness. Find something you love, and someone you love if you find someone and live. There are real dark storms BUT there are some paradises here on Earth too. Let yourself survive and get there.
  10. Create you, not "find you". When everyones cliche advice leaves you stuck again, heres key information. You can practice each and every behavior you choose. That being said, every decision is a choice. It all comes down to that, good choices. Be in charge and develop. Learn about yourself or more about your passion. Love yourself and the people around you. You can do both.