Terms of Use

August 25, 2015


                  FreeBirdNation is a promotional company and website that features talent of all kinds. It provides a platform to display art and gain a following in a community where people are doing the same. Each person submits their work via email or page directly. That work is belonging to the person themselves as that’s their intellectual and steps have been taken to protect themselves. FreeBirdNation provides services like, copyrights and trademarks only in the form of referral and not in the services themselves.  Email and page submissions should belong to the submitter at all times.

Being featured on our site allows creators to connect with an audience. To ensure the best audiences, each of the people will regularly update their own personal following, only in addition to FreeBirdNation. FreeBirdNation launches both paid and non-paid campaigns to promote your work. Management decides which type of campaigns are funded and paid.

Your URL in the form of (/) and beginning with (FreeBirdNation.com) is belonging to FreeBirdNation at all times. You may use it to promote your page however you wish to gain following. Each of the pages belong to the artist and management ONLY, therefore tampering, editing, deleting or modifying another persons page without permission is a direct violation of our policy and results in an immediate termination from the company.

Each party reserves the right to remove themselves from the site at anytime (unless bound by contract) with the attachment of a 48-hour notice. Explanation for doing so is not required.

Ideas, processes and methods belonging to FreeBirdNation are not to be duplicated directly by third parties without the approval of FreeBirdNation. Verification of copying comes in to the form of information such as IP address matching.

FREEBIRDNATION reserves the right to modify and alter this document as necessary with the attachment of the updated form available at all time on the site under <LEGAL>

By aCCESSING OUR SITE, you GUARANTEE to INTERACT with the website and It's services with responsibility.

Created by Andrew J. Krigsman