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Vinny Giacoio

New york

About this freebird

18. New York. Washingtonville. Weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, psychology, human body, writing, poems, raps, music.  Striving behind the scenes, my mission is to help others find themselves while also discovering who I am on the way. I plan to change the world one day. You can help, or stand by and watch. 

intro - ARTISTS 

You can ask a group of 30 people the same question and you may end up with 30 different answers. Or, you may end up with 1 answer. Though as humans we all think differently, in a way, we are all the same in some perspective. We are all artists. Art shapes the world we live in. Art creates, art is imagination, art is words, art is pictures, art is languages, art is everything around us. Everything you do is an art or has an art to it that is unique to us. Your daily routine, the way you write, the way you study, even the smallest thing such as the way you eat. Some people may share similar common points in their art of thinking, such as favorite color or a favorite song. Or their differences can be completely out of retrospective such as one person believing in extraterrestrial life and the other thinking that is the wackiest idea. The point to this is, our lives are all individual canvases. And you are your own artist, drawing on your own canvas. We each have the ability to paint our life however we want it to be, if we work hard enough. Leonardo Da Vinci didn't paint his best paintings in just one day. In fact, there are speculations that it took him up to 16 years just to paint the Mona Lisa! You can't look at your life and see something you don't like and expect it to change in one day, but you can work towards it doing little things each day that help to paint a bigger picture. The people you surround yourself with may splash ideas onto your canvas and if you are in good company, it can really do good. Surround yourself with good people, focus on what you want in life, set a goal, and paint your own masterpiece. Shape your world. 

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Notable words (vinnys blog)



 She was beautiful.  

She had this way of making me come back for more,

I couldn't get enough. 


The way she lit up left me in awe.

The small spark that led to so much more,

Turned our relationship into that of a fantasy.


Her aroma was an unforgettable scent.

As it seeped into my nostrils,

I grew accustomed to the rough fragrance.


Her bold taste would sit on my tongue

Even for hours

After she was long gone.


When anxious thoughts filled my racing mind, she was there.

When stress took over my aching body, she was there.

When nobody else was, she was there.


As our relationship grew

I realized,

This was not an infatuation.



This was no genuine happiness.

The smile that used to appear by her presence

Was replaced with a slight smirk of content.


As our relationship grew

I realized,

This was lust.


I was no longer in control.

She was in my blood,

 My veins.


I did not want her,

I needed her.



As I would undress her slowly

And light a match,

                My blackening lungs would scream for help.

Real Friends 

Not every little thing in this world matters, but there are specific things that do. One of the most important things is to know who your real friends are. The world we live in is full of others who would love to watch you fall. Vice versa, there are others who receive gratitude off of seeing you succeed. These are the people you need to surround yourself with. To quote A$AP Rocky, an extremely diverse artist in my opinion, "A great king is only as good as the people that he chooses to surround himself with." If you wish to be successful, part of success stems off the company you keep. Don't take it the wrong way though, it's important to put be able to put faith and belief into yourself. The person in the mirror should be able to hold all of your trust before anybody else. But it's essential to have REAL friends behind the scenes in your life. Real friends genuinely care about how you're doing and always make time to stay in touch. No amount of distance in the world can separate a pair of real friends. A call or text away, you have all of the power in your pocket, on a computer, at a post office. There's always a way to get in contact. Realize the way life moves and the motion of people in your life. The ones who stick around are the ones that have been put into it for a reason. 

Paint brush

I wanted to paint myself a picture

With all the colors I felt inside.

My mind as the paintbrush,

The ideas I pondered upon became translated

And my white canvas became blemished.


I wanted to paint myself a picture

The calming aura of an ocean blue shade began to fill the canvas.

I felt relaxed, 


Around me crystalline like waters began to thrash. 

As more thoughts crept up on me,

The ocean blue began to fade out like a low tide,

Replaced by a flourishing green.





I wanted to paint myself a picture

The garden-like green color was entwined in my mind like vines in a jungle.

Thoughts scrambling to find a home,

A mix of emotions was let loose,

Each feeling hitting me was like being pricked by the thorns of a rose.

As this continued the flourishing green color receded

Becoming drowned out by a deep blood red gush.


I wanted to paint myself a picture

The fierce red oozed out of my mind like blood from a deep wound. 

Hot headed

I began to anger,

Feeling distress in my chest

As well as in my head.

I was  unable to place a pinpoint on the source of the feeling,

Instability only making it worse,

And the gushing red was now fading, to a darkening black.


I wanted to paint myself a picture

But i couldn't see inside my head.

Black musk filled my mind,

Thoughts cut off completely, 

My canvas was darkened by halted thoughts.

An empty void,



I wanted to paint myself a picture

My mind as the paintbrush,

But i found out,

My mind was not a place to be.



closing doors

Tears fell as if her eyes had become wretched clouds that had been long overdue to release a heavy rainfall; her bottled feelings finally being dispelled from her melancholy soul. I let my arms travel across the landscape of her body to find a home interlocking at her back, seeming inseparable. "I love you mom," my words heavy, weighed down by the shadow of my father as he slams the front door behind him, not daring to take a look back.

i miss you.

letter from dad.jpg

Why settle? 

Why would you ever settle for less than you deserve? Someone treats you like shit, leave them. Something isn't up to your standards, don't accept it. Somewhere isn't where you want to be, don't stay there. I'm not saying be a picky and choosy person, but i'm saying not to settle for less than you deserve. As an individual person on this planet, you're entitled to your own opinions and your own views on things. Stand by morals and values that you firmly believe in because that is what defines you. It makes you who you are. To put things in a historic perspective, when the slaves were being treated unfairly did they settle for that indigent lifestyle of poverty and mourning? No! Not to say slavery problems across the world are solved, because they are far from it. But they have come a longer way than they were, because settling was not one of the options. You don't give up because times "get hard" or they aren't the way you want them. That's when you MAKE THEM the way you want them, or change something else to get out of the situation. The bottom line is.. never settle for less than you deserve. Everybody deserves the best for themselves, but those who pursue the best are the ones who obtain it.


I said goodbye

Thinking it was the last time 

I would see your face glowing

Etching your smile into my mind.


I said goodbye

Not knowing 

When I closed my eyes at 4 A.M.

There you would be

Loving me again.


I said goodbye

Not realizing 

I would hear your laugh in the crowd

Still illuminating the dark hole

You left in my chest.


I said goodbye 

Not thinking

You would find that person you were searching for

To hand you the world


                                                                But you did.

The let go 

Would you hold onto the edge of a blade if it was being dragged before your hand? Focusing only on the slit it was making as it ripped through your flesh like it was made of wool? An unmistakable feeling, you let the blood pour out of the wound, hoping now that you won't have to grasp reality alone. That maybe somebody may lend you a helping hand on the walk you pursue. Not wanting to continue in the confinement of your anxious thoughts, you cut free your soul. Thinking that the pain you cause may change something. But little did you know, the pain would only create distance from verisimilitude. The only helping hand you had is now scarred. But it won't matter in a month, the scars will heal. They will mark the loss of a battle, but your resilience not to give in when times get hard. Perseverance leads to triumph over battles once lost. Never give in. Train yourself not to hold onto the edge of the blade, but rather grab hold of the handle.