SFF is a service that is curated by FREEBIRDNATION and the underground fans. We post independent artists and the music we feel needs to be heard. The featured songs, have a vibe or energy unlike any other and we want to share that. We believe that music heals, if your music gets featured it's because the quality both lyrically and production wise. All genres are welcome, FBN x SFF is an oasis for the expiremntal vibes.


This pertains to the team running the curating from a fans point of view. PBF is a multi project task team that does both paid and non paid work on behalf of artists and the culture we are protecting and transforming. Our company funds the back end payroll and time spent being free, and we all benefit from good word of mouth. Our positive environment creates a space for diversity and growth.

Visual Provided by Bryson G

Visual Provided by Bryson G

Our website is focused on being a positive and open minded community. One that has been alongside alternative and independent artists ranging from writers to dancers. Our media space is derived from SHARING MEDIA as any person would, at the same time PROVIDING PRODUCTION to kickstart your dreams.

Our mission is to inspire, our home is the mind and soul.


Our selective independent management team coordinates contracting within our network and works with artists to achieve campaigns, projects and visions. We have an unorthodox philosophy on the role of assistance and our team implements space but security. Multiple networks of support.

Since 2011.