A Three Year Anthology 1/11

This Is What Me Forgiving You Looks Like - 1/11


Drop an anvil on your head

Heavy cinderblock

Weighting your way to the bottom of a lake

Cyanide drink, a party concoction

Tire marks on your skin

Payback would be such a bitch


That’s what all of it felt like

A weight on my shoulders

I could never look up to see the sun

Hands behind my back

Tied tightly, I couldn’t fight

Words like acid

Deteriorated my self esteem

metaphorically changing my skin


All the evils

All the pain

Yet I would never wish that upon you


What I wish is that you learn to love

Without jealously, control and anger

That you learn to share

Because you cannot take things from people forever

That you learn the value of innocence

So no mind is tainted by your rage


Madeline TesolinComment