Q-What's your artist name and how'd you get it? 

A-My artist name is Nahz and how I came up with the name is pretty simple. The name "Nahz"  was actually derived from my real name Nazir. 

Q-What would you define as the main theme in your art? 

A-My music is a collection of thoughts, ideas & dreams put in words. 

Q-Three people that influenced your life the most, who are they? 

A-Dad, Mum & Hannah 

Q-What's your Next project about? 

A-Well, I just released an Extended Playlist of recent and I want used to say to say Thank you to Everyone who Fw it. I got another one coming real soon, this time it something way different From The usual sound 

Q-Do you believe in life after death? 

A-Yeah! I so much believe there's another life after death 

Q-If there were a way to collaborate with the someone who has passed, who would it be? 

A-That would be XXXTENTACION, it break everytime I realize he's gone. He's one of the people that inspired me to go hard. I actually discovered that I can sing after listening to his "17" Album 

Q-How many years do you think you want to work before you retire? 

A-I'm just 17 at the moment, uhmmmm let me just say for as long as the lord permit 

Q-How many years did take you to get to this point 

A-All my life!  I officially began to pursue my music career at the age of 14 and ever since Life has never been the same 

Q-What's your favourite city to visit? Why? 

A- I think that would be orlando, Florida. I love the city 

Q-Where would you buy your first house, what is one feature it must have? 

A- That would prolly be in Lagos, Nigeria and it must a home studio in it

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