It all started when…

I discovered the power of groups. I discovered this back in High School and felt the world needed to be more connected. Over the years, while running a small blog based around “getting it done” and "becoming a better you” we faced obstacles that gave us more character. That same mindset that set out to accomplish a better community and environment for creativity in 2011 is the more evolved execution of our plan to make it happen today.

From the start of an official name for my new group of friends called, “FreeBirds”, my openness for new information grew. The elevated feeling on bettering yourself in enriching ways often brings so many other opportunities forth. I knew this to be true when our local, Hudson Valley setting would change for fast paced Southern California.

I moved to California to bring more perspective to the things I wanted to accomplish. Like finding a way to bring utilities to communities that need them most, bringing marginalized people together to create the change they all look for and to create more opportunities after education especially for those at risk of social obstacles like poverty. Most importantly, I want FREEBIRDNATION to be a place to work together to accomplish a bigger goal. That ultimate goal being a healed world that gave each of its inhabitants a fulfilling life.

I believe entertainment is the key to unlocking the first step lasting change.

Music, TV, radio, social media and just about anything with social currency has become almost as important as cash, except it isn’t cash. Often, the things we are looking for aren’t want we want. And it take self awareness and self love to do that. Which is why both entertainment and self prioritizing are main things in finding that next chapter of life.

The LAW of ATTRACTION has many benefits and we see that everyday at FBN. What was once just a literary publication is now a clothing company, record label, artist development platform and more. In the years we’ve been around we’ve connected people from across the world.

The main ingredient to our success is not giving up.

We believe that.


By 2020, we will have developed our plan for the next 60 years.

This will address things like global climate, social problems from domestic violence to poverty, and redefine the official direction we will take toward accomplishing all of our goals.

Beliving in our cause is great, but dedicating your life to your passion is what is best. And here is why it’s best for us all that way. When we heal ourselves and support our efforts for a better life, we go far, really really far.

So as FREEBIRDS which I consider you now, take the mental note to do better. Not better than, but the best you can do, always.

The road may be blocked, so fly.