Being Yourself.



It's easier than you think believe me. It's hard to understand and think about sometimes because your life is shaped around who you become. And often we don't pause and appreciate who you are already. It's a middle point between loving yourself and caring for others.


Not everyone gets to be themselves and that's what's important. You can. You can't always reinvent yourself, especially doing it from a small town. You can't always run for everything either. Some people are dealt worse cards than you and are stuck with being prisoners to other people's images. Unable to access the light beam of freedom. But what if I told that light is within you and isn't hard to access. All you need to do is be you. You're easiest tool to discover that is love. Stop hating, its a waste of energy. Whether its toward others or yourself.


Finally, being yourself is all you have time to be. You aren't always promised a second chance to do something. You'll be regretting the things you didn't do. So go out and be brave as much as and for long as, you can.



Part I