That Old Woman (Written by Esther Ukwigize)

 That old lady


"The little old lady sitting in the back seat happens to be their mother. She is kind of embarrassed that her sons are able to do all of this for her when she couldn't provide for them in the early years”

"Oh. She seems very fragile on the outside. She's been in that same position this whole time"

"Yeah that's her every time they drop her off. She lay her arms on her lap and stares at the window until they help her out of the car. She is actually a strong old lady, it's just when she is with her sons she seems out of it. "

"What do you think it is though, what's causing her to seem so worried?"

“Cathy, you're asking the wrong person. All I know is that she wishes she could have done so much more for her sons. Perhaps that way she could have felt like she contributed to their success now." 

"She technically did. She raised them all the way until she couldn't. That's should be good enough."

"Like I said, you are asking the wrong person"

"Sign* Okay, everyone is worried about her. She doesn't even want to eat. It's like she saw something terrible.

Keara, you believe we have a good nursing home right? "

"Yeah, we definitely do."

The little old lady was lead to her room at the end of the hallway by her two sons and primary nurse. She kept quiet just like any other days. Her face was sunken in you could see the outline of her bones.

She had gotten a bit skinnier ever since she started to refuse her meals. When the nurses asked her what was wrong, she never responded. She always just stared at the window and waited for the next day. 

Occasionally she would speak to herself as if she forgot something. She would randomly start moving and looking around her chair. The other time she sat there with such a disappointing look on her face. Everyone started worrying about her. The rumor was that she belonged in a mental hospital instead of a nursing home. But look at her, how long does she have? They should just let her stay here until her last days on earth.

"No, that wasn't there yesterday, where did you guys get this TV?"

"You’re stealing?!"

"I'm so sorry baby, mommy didn't mean to hit you. Just tell me where you got that TV from"


"I am your mother! You should never say such things about your mother!"

"My children are talking to him, why lord why? Why must things turn out this way? It's my fault! No it's your fault God! If I wasn't so poor! If we weren't so poor....."

"Everything shall end"

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