NOT A MUSEUM (Written by @FBNYP)

i'm amazing

not a museum

you settle with him

you're winning with me

lost touch but never lost control

the freedom was apart of the plan

financially free was the first goal

you only know what your parents told you

such a small world

the past is really how you look at the present

so if you're moving on

stay gone

and unforgiving

until you're free

you really can't be living

you're surviving which is the better than being the victim

you're your own team and team mate

you make your own decisions

they'll lie without having to wait

blink and go back to old ways

what’s another year mean

doing the same thing

insanity is repeating something

getting the same thing

expecting different results

that’s why 9-5s are a cult

and the slaves are the people

who’s life is always work

you're life is way to dull

mines colorful

different and vibrant

quite obviously alive and


one hell of a time

as i’ll state again

i am not a museum


Andrew KrigsmanComment