im screaming but you cant hear me

it takes too long to get near me

you love me but dont need me

you're fine on your own

you might leave me


they might ask whats wrong because its popular

not because they care for ya

they'll think you're weird and talk and stare at ya

funny how loved ones be the first ones not there for ya


they're only there when its too late

and you fucked up

or way before you ever do

so you learn nothing new

from a tear to a river

they're the ones wrong

the ones demanding you to accept not consider

the last ones free

and the first ones bitter


i grow differently

soon enough

if you dont change

you'll be missing me

they see me now

they think differently


i lost the old me

cause i drifted

not cause i miss him

you make me go get him


tired and full

drunk and still

highly annoyed


light footed and poised


you dont scare me anymore

like a scar that i learned to love

a owl or a dove

never the type to define

limitless is the name of the game


you never need the fame

i just used it to inspired

ill be sincere with ya

i meant it

accepted the wrong friendships

and lost it

dont regret it


you too fast forward

never knowing

and time after time showing


your real colors

your real lovers


the real ain't real

its only definition is perception




written from inside the walls

Andrew KrigsmanComment