The Glass House

quarter of a dozen miles from home

or should i say a house

that little glass house

with curtains?

nobody looking in

were happy on the outside if were not we pretend

but if we say that we aren’t well offend

i mean you know this is true my friend

but who’s friends nowadays if its there not money involved

and nobody is getting paid or shit, especially if nobodies getting laid

i paved the way so they can say what they say

the greats told me

mp3 files a results of old cds

we’ve become obsessed

with adhd and ocd

but i see no borders if i do ill dismiss it

and just in cased you missed it

the exits to life are unknown

you take your life they cry at funerals

and then your are gone


stick around and be remembered

or should i say never forgotten

and a good soul you are

never to be rotten

but if the world does corrupt you

abruptly say i don’t wanna live this way

but for the first time in a long time

don’t live that way

peace love and God


the news only show us the bad

and thats killing me

killing my passion

or didn’t it strengthen it

it either was or wasn’t it

i can’t decide

its hard to find who we are 

in the midst of artificial pride, rumors and lies

and i know that this is truth, says the girl

with runny mascara and bruises under her eye

see she found happiness, yes

but only in a guy

one that would cheat, beat her and worst of all lie

and as she cried, he found life inside

oh my

i seen that shit before YP

that reminds me of the girl with that fuckboy boyfriend

yeah she was dope until she went off the deep end

but where does a lost girl go

only a lost girl knows

so as we gather round to make ourselves feel better by throwing stones

learn to understand what the difference is between a house and a home

Andrew KrigsmanComment