Half Full


I guess there comes a time where you just kinda know. But what is it that you know, I know this. we're different people who bond over struggle. the problem with that is that when struggle isn't present neither is the connection. ive learned that sometimes you watch people change and at the same time some people dont. but maybe its not our call who's done what. you cant make someone connect with you, that means its forced. the worst part of it all is one person knows and the other person still hasnt seen it. on the outside world, people move on and make new but some reason certain people don't understand that. ill take the bad guy role but i guess ive learned that certain things aren't worth it anymore. weve become two different people one who sees an incredible amount of light and another that see an incredible amount of darkness, both a product of struggle. you can love someone and let them go, and in my eyes if you must do that do that when you know. dont babysit feelings and wait, dont use or abuse. unfortunately our society smothers until there's no light. few times does fire reignite itself. if you're not happy you need to let the person know. if they can't accept that, thats not your problem. dont let people especially the person make you feel bad. the worst part is half the people cant see it either. i cant describe the right time because you'll know. but when you cant talk about which way you view the glass, thats a good indication that you're two different people. i may seem crazy but heres why it matters, the glass is everything. to me its half full, i choose to see things with the positive light and more optimistic. the glass half empty is generally more pessimistic but even you could defend that. either can be defended, you stand for something. my point is that a discussion was made, you two talk and I don't give a damn what people say, communication is everything in every relationship. youll start to notice that some people hold a conversation like you can, dont force it. but in the same respect, dont let anyone force you. you're your own person dont let anyone steal you. the glass is half full. 

Andrew KrigsmanComment