"Nothing, hbu?"

Endlessly receiving the message "nothing, hbu?" and even worse more often than not, I'm the one sending it in the first place. The message is nothing more than a code. Perhaps a way to let the person on the other end know that things are not quite as perfect as they seem. The message is also a test. It shows that there are walls and many very high, it weeds out very quickly those who are willing to climb them and demolish them. I get lost in the ideas that maybe someone wants to get lost finding me. Somebody that understands that my soul lives lightyears away and the person that cares. Many will come through your life and say they love and care but the ones who do, will have shown you. The people who are meant to be by your side fighting the battles life gives are the one the ones you'll never need to question their position. Those people are most likely the ones who aren't satisfied with "nothing, hbu?" and will persistantly get to understand the most beautiful thing called the mind.

Andrew KrigsmanComment