I found out that not everyone that surrounds you is your friends. The reality is that most people will never learn your middle name or know your birthday and even less will discover your little pet peeves and favorite things. What damages us the most is the idea that everyone is our best friends because they happen to invest a larger quantity of time that the last person had and the other people around them ever did. SO let's fast forward to when these people you said you'd loved and cared about hold some of your deepest thoughts and most unstable emotions. They've come to understand the parts of you that you don't. They don't know how to handle you and neither do you and so the only people that had ever showed they cared, you push away. This isn't is the first person that tried to support you, there are many. Those people can relate to the way you seem so mysterious and closed off. These people all walk around with a piece of you that you may never get the chance to get back, even more they walk around with you. Old best friends drift as they will and you find yourself at an ocean of unknowns and the only thing that comes to shore are the skeletons of who you thought you were and the waves of who you were becoming. The distant sun proves that nothing stays and things get replaced. The moon guides you to the only place you've ever felt yourself and that is wherever you feel alone. The feeling of being alone is one we often bring upon our self. With thoughts of being alone we walk around as skeletons, dead. They seem to only care about us when we're pretty or dead but who's to say that the next person we meet isn't already dead..



Andrew KrigsmanComment