Constantly reminded of what we're supposed to be has me thinking of all the things that we're not. Lost in a world we can't afford to be lost in has us jumping into shells very much like relationships. We hold on to people a lot longer than we should but maybe that's just because no one has come along and made us feel like that before. No one ever dies knowing what love looks like but countless love songs and poem gives us a good idea of what it may feel like. Pain teaches us what we don't want but only after we have felt it do we ever understand different masks of pain felt by that of others. I could talk about what you had meant to me for days knowing the people around me would get tiresome but the ways in which I saw you can never be repeated. We promise forevers as if any one for us had ever really been there and then we run in expectations again on our journey for happiness. I realized that the people you love the most may be the people you need to give the most space. Let them stumble upon their dreams, goals and passions and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. I came across myself when I stopped chasing after people and that is important. I want to spend my life looking for the truth because at a young age I realize what we're being told isn't truth, it's distorted. As I leave to embark on my journeys, I keep what you had meant to me close near my heart and your secrets hidden. You meant the world to me at one point but maybe its something I tell everyone. I talk for a living. Tears teach us the value of smile and I hope someone new comes along and loves you, I heard its been a while. All in all, I learned a lesson from it though, sometimes the only way to be happy is to have cleared your mind and you do that by letting go.