Next 2 LastWords

Life is crazy or so it seems to be from the bruised and battered eyes of an American teen. The strides we are forced to take from pre-teen to eighteen make us lose our innocents faster than we lose our attention in public school. The misguided direction on what matters in life has kids my age lost in a world, we can't afford to be lost in. Dependent on our elders so we listen to the misunderstood perceptions on what reality is. That then makes us forget what a dream is. The fact is we can really do anything we put our mind to. Scared, we settle for a 9-5 that by that time we need, because we relied on college to live that we're debt by the thousands. Funny how the people who put so much emphasis on that continued education never had to pay the bill, the people in power have us where they need us, that's needy still. We live in a world that is scared to live but will do almost anything to be comfortable with death. Truth is everyday you're scared is everyday you're already dead. We live in a time where you can spend you're whole life doing good and never get an ounce of recognition. As soon as you slip up once everyone is quick to label you, however if anyone ever cared enough to dig deep into them it would be a different story. We judge others for sinning differently and hold our sins higher. We are all to blame for the world we live in and the effect we have on our children. If we ever cared enough to just stop holding on to our reality and just listen. We can change the world. But at the end of the day as much as we say we want to change the world, is that what you believe or is that the lines you were told to believe in. While you read this kids with dream are becoming a dying breed and caring isn't something they think the world needs. When you invest in someone who is impressionable you plant a seed that plants more seeds, so plant the seed the world needs.