Sometimes I get tired of waiting for things to be different. I wish I was just famous and rich already. Other times I'm happy I'm not. The things I go through on a daily basis are unreal. Sometimes I get too caught up in trying to be normal, and I neglect the things that make me different. I run from the things I am or at least I used to. I try and stick to the things that make me, me. Lately, I've been a lot more in touch with my feelings but I haven't let them get the best of me. For example when it comes to love, or whatever perception one has at the age of 18, I become timid. I guess its because I care too much and let things sink down into my head a lot. I overthink things a lot actually which is normal for one my age, but I've learned a lot of things from the journey. I learned that even when I am given the attention I can maintain a clear focus of where and what I want to be in life. A lot of people can't see my vision but not a lot of people did when I said I'd make it this far. Envy, is a trait necessary in the process to becoming anything. For me it makes me realize how much the things I have and want are perceived to others. It makes me appreciate them more. It allows for me to overcome to a lot of things in my everyday life.

Andrew KrigsmanComment