I luv U

We are in love with the wrong things. In society we don't know what's good for us and what's bad for us anymore. Sometimes because we are blinded by the things that we are told, we don't see the truth behind things we should probably see. If there's anything I've learned in life, it's that we give this love unconditionally to the wrong people. Inturn, this leads to people being left out. However the people being left out are not necessarily the people were doing something wrong. I feel like to people being left out have the most realistic and functional perception of what love is. We as a society settle with the love that we already have instead of finding the love that we actually deserve. I see so many girls allow themselves to be mistreated, and for so long I said nothing. But for me I had always realize that true love is worth the wait. The true love that I'm talking about is not the movie kind of love where everything is perfect and nothing bad ever happens. The true love is a willingness to go through things and make things better to be able to see a light and reach a common goal, together. Unfortunately couples today get this mixed up with a type of love that they do not deserve. Women expect for their men to change or that overtime they will have changed their man. This leads to men becoming comfortable mistreating their woman and when the time comes, should it not work out they'd leave it all behind. The cycle that talks about good guys becoming assholes because assholes made good girls bitches is sad but true. As a man, I want to have women that not only loves me as I would love them, but have women who love themselves. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who has her things together, doesn't need a man but wants one. Opposite that, a man should want a woman but never need one. Everything is about balance and communication is key to every relationship. Without a certain amount of functionality the relationship can go nowhere no matter how many fights are fixed and "I'm sorry"s are said. I just want to love and be loved back and it breaks my heart to see some of the sweetest and most attractive of women being mistreated. However, the right woman will always find a man who is worthy and the same goes for woman looking for a man. If there is anything I can tell you, don't compromise or settle. Keep your vision of what you deserve, and don't stop until you have that. Love yourself unconditionally. -YoungPhylosopher