My whole life I wanted to change the world. It's something that had been buried inside me and for so long I neglected the gift that I had been given. Some people can drain 3 second go ahead baskets and others can sing like no other but me I have a gift when it comes to people. Unfortunately it's a gift I didn't appreciate for the longest time. I remember back when I had went to CTEC which had been a vocational school offered at my school. It was the first opportunity I had to be around people I had never met and an ego that nobody else knew. I knew one kid, Jovown who had been a friend I'd met from my high school. I convinced him to take up the plumbing class I'd been in and so we grew closer as friends. I met a friend named Pat or Ed but I called him 2pat at the time which was a play off of 2pac. Those three and another person who didn't stick with us too long become close and bonded as not only classmates but as brothers. Over the course of the first few weeks we had become good friends and so it stayed. It was a December night around the 21st to be certain and I happened to be walking my dog listening to music. I looked up to the stars as if it was some sort of movie. It was a full moon so the scenery was brightly lit. Thoughts of the friends I had at CTEC crossed my mind and I thought of everything that mattered most to me. I had felt safe and needed with these group of friends and for the first time I knew that I belonged. I looked around again and finally looked up toward what was the North star and came across the word FreeBird and wanted for me and my group of friends to be called that. I thought maybe FreeBirdNation would be cool because we call be a bunch of us and be a family almost.

Andrew KrigsmanComment