It's funny because everyone will tell you you're not going to be anybody without them and that you aren't going much of anywhere because it's impossible but it's not. I've had a lot of people I had call friends, I speak to maybe one or two here and there. I really don't have any best friends because when I do get close they always leave so don't tell me that I can't be somebody. I find it funny how the people who try to bring you down and crush your dreams are very often the people who had theirs taken. I have a lot of patience for people but none for people who are disrespectful. Don't tell me my limitations without walking day to day in my shoes and please don't judge me based on the person I let you see. If I'm guarded and closed off you made me that way and if I'm too open it's because I'm protecting something else. Don't say you'll gave my back when things go down and then not be seen when it does. Don't tell me you love when you don't, Im strong enough to realize lies. If you really love me, then don't contribute to my stress and prevent me from solutions. If you are doing so than don't be surprised when you get removed from my circle of caring, because respect isn't given it's earned and over time at that. So be who you must to make it through the stresses you may face but don't expect much from those who surround you. Be your own best friend.


Andrew KrigsmanComment