Out of all the weeks of not knowing whether or not I'll reach my dreams, this one was different. I've been living life and experiencing things. Most importantly I've learned a few things. I used to always care so much how I appeared to others, however today not so much. I am who I am, occasional zit here and there and all of my exterior imperfections. I learned a few things about the word perfect. The name exists but not the definition we put to it. I've realized that we are only perfect when we realize we're not. Meaning, nobody is perfect everyone has flaws. When we learn to accept them, we accept our imperfections making us perfect. I've wanted to be perfect but never could be, when I started looking at myself differently I realized I was. I began owning up to my previous actions. I began telling the story of my pasts and used my big picture to heal the hurt. I, for once, love who I am and what I'm going to become. I encourage you to make yourself smile by doing the things you love.

- YoungPhylosopher

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