Everyone talks about this big push to pursue your dreams and to do anything you need to in order to accomplish them. Well I'm here to provide caution on the side of how far you take it. Look, anyone can accomplish anything with the right mind and determination. However, there are some things that you shouldn't sacrifice. One of them being your family. Now to loosely define the word I mean the people who have been there since day one. Those are the people who have told you yes but more importantly told you no. Anyone can say "yes" and "sure thing" when it comes to your wants. But the real supporters can see the faults and flaws you can't see. Anyway, I want to warn you of the fake supporters. When things are looking up everyone wants a piece of what you've got. The temporary rush you get from having people finally understand you is tempting. It comes with bridges, there are certain times where going over them is easy to do and may seem logical but look at the situation from different perspectives. There are some relationships that have bridges and once you cross one you may never get the chance to return. So say what you mean when you have the chance to say it and be who you are on the inside and let that make your outside flourish. Learn that situations may seem to mean everything at one time but put yourself on the other side. Have the guts to chase what you want without having to give up the things you need the most. Yes give up luxuries but don't give up things you care about. Trust me I've been there about to risk the love of my family for the love and acceptance of the world. Don't take my path instead take your own and when doing so be mindful of the bridges you face. When the time comes you will know without a doubt that that is your bridge and this is your Journey.


Andrew KrigsmanComment